Whatever You’re Havin’ #79 – les yper sound, stereolab spectacular vol. 2

Metronomic Underground –-------- Emperor Tomato Ketchup
.....Sudden Stars –---------------------- Instant O in the Universe
Interlock –--------------------------------- Fab Four Suture
Diagonals –-------------------------------- Dots and Loops
Cybele's Reverie –----------------------- Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Les Yper Sound –------------------------- Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Wow and Flutter –---------------------- Mars Audiac Quintet
International Colouring Contest –- Mars Audiac Quintet
John Cage Bubblegum –-------------- Refried Ectoplasm
Au Grand Jour –------------------------- Switched On
Laisser-Faire ----------------------------- Low-Fi
We're Not Adult Orientated –------ Space Age Batchelor Bad Music
Pinball –------------------------------------ Flouresences
Outer Bongolia –------------------------ The First of the Microbe Hunters