Avant Reguard Show 19 – Speeding Stars Shining Meteors


show 19 – shining stars and dashing meteors


this show is dedicated in solidarity with all the people of Gaza – tracklisting below

Boredoms – Heart * mixed with Anne Waldman – US Poet * mixed with Raveo – Who made Who *

mixed with Wheelchair Sports Camp, with Kalyn Heffernan * mixed with snuff box –¬† sample * mixed

with Knife РFull of Fire * mixed with  Noisiv РRepetition saves You * mixed with the Church of U & T *

mixed with Peter Tscherkassky – Manufractur * mixed with Kluster – Karamel * mixed with Robot Voice Reguard*

mixed with Liquid Sky – Fashion Show * mixed with ilaiyaraaja – Solla Solla * mixed with Avant Reguard Spouting*

mixed with AR Kane – Love from Outer Space * mixed with Beak – Battery Point * mixed with Swans – She Loves Us*

mixed with Outtro – The Day Today – This is the is the is the Newwwws please God


happy 2015 to all. new shows on their way for 2015. ARx