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    This article was written on 11 Dec 2014, and is filled under Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Stoner, Sludge, Space Rock, Stoner Rock, Thrash.

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    The HMD Radio Show 105 (2014 review pt2)

    Beer: HMD – Castra IPA (6.3%)

    Killer Be Killed – Wing of Feather And Wax

    Black Tusk – Vulture’s Eye

    Trap Them – Lungrunners – Blissfucker

    Trash Talk – The Hole -No peace

    Blue Snaggletooth – Serpent and the King – Beyond Thule

    Corrosion of Conformity – The Nectar – IX

    Monster Magnet – Mindless Ones 68’ – Milking the Stars – Reimagining The Last Patrol

    Shooting Guns – Barn Burner

    Wo Fat – Read The Omens – the Counjouring

    Sick of It All – Get Bronx – Last Act Of Defiance

    Shrapnel – Titan – The Virus Conspires

    Slomatics – Lost Punisher – Estron

    Godflesh – Curse Us All – A World Lit Only By Fire

    The Dwarves – Sluts Of The USA – The Dwarves Invented Rock n Roll

    Primus – Oompa Augustus – Primus & The Chocolate Factory


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