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  • These Cancelled Bands Still Totally Rock


    This week’s show is dedicated to all the bands that have cancelled their Dublin gigs whether it has been due to illness, visa problems, missed flights or general douche-ry.  First off, it’s missed flight retardation from Jay ReatardThe Hex Dispensers follow with one off their first album which Reatard mastered.  Next up it’s a bit of ‘no excuse given’ from Rocket from the Crypt and a bit of fellow Crypt action from Spider Fever.  Then it’s on to ‘I don’t know whose fault it was’ from Annihilation Time.  Then it’s a bit of McClusky and Jello Biafra and the Melvins.  Next up it’s Nirvana who cancelled on Ireland twice, and then a couple of feel good tunes from the Hard-Ons and The KidsDOA were another recent cancellation and they are followed by a couple of groovy ones from The Fleshtones and The Mullens.  Keeping with the theme it is a band that has cancelled twice in somewhat recent years, The MC5.  Then it’s a band that I cancelled myself by not buying tickets ahead of time for and couldn’t get in, FugaziThe Mad’s contribution is a bit of raw noise.  Next it’s the Prisoners who, as Conzo pointed out, cancelled a number of times back in the 80’s.  Billy Childish and his Famous Headcoats, The Plateaus and Neon Piss follow.  Back to the theme and its recent cancellers FIDLAR with one off their (free) web only release Shit we Recorded in our BedroomThe Overnight Lows play a quick one and then cancellation merchants Clockcleanerfinish things off.  

    To help make up for all of the bands that have cancelled on us all, I have included youtube links for all of tonight’s bands with loads of live footage, interviews, official and non-official videos and general shenangins.  That’s it, thank god we are spoiled for choice nowadays and still have plenty of gigs to go to.  


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