This Burnt CD I Found in the Car Totally Rocks 23rd March


This week I found an old CD in an even older (and long unused) CD book under the seat in the car.  It was a burnt CD from work titled Natural English (although I said on the show it was titled Tunes for the Car cuz…stealing from work and all)  I remember recording over it because I needed some bangin tunes for the car.   I stuck the CD in the computer and the songs weren’t even tagged so I couldn’t even see what was on it.  None-the-less, I figured Tunes for the car should definitely be show worthy.  Luckily it’s great.  If you want to be as surprised as I was as to what is on the CD, don’t scroll down, just turn it up and rock out.  It is a radio show so you will find out what is being played if you hit play.  For you more impatient listeners, all bands are listed at the bottom of this page with links to websites, videos, etc.





















For those of you that have to know what is getting played before hitting the go button, tune in for:


 Runnin Riot


7 Seconds

Butthole Surfers

The Fall

The Freeze

Husker Du

Melt Banana

Reverend Horton Heat

The Shitty Limits


Zero Boys

The Angry Samoans

Billy Childish

I have no idea who this is

The Cramps


The Daily Void

Dark Horse and The Carousels