Adventures Close to Home No1

[[Rollers Sparkers]]: ‘Signal Burning’ (Second-Level Crossing)

[[Virgin Prunes]]: ‘Din Glorious’ (excerpt) (A New Form of Beauty)

[[Clannad]]: ‘Caisleain Oir’  (Macalla)

[[Planxty]]: ‘The Pursuit of Farmer Michael  Hayes’ (After the break)

[[Holt]]: ‘In the Bar before the Chorus’ (80-Mile Beach)

[[Operating Theatre]]: ‘Ah Love! Ah Love!’ (The Early Years)

[[Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann]]: ‘Thugamar fein an Samhradh linn’ (Sean O’Riada: A Retrospective)

[[Virgin Prunes]]: ‘Red Nettle’ (Over the Rainbow)

[[United Bible Studies]]: ‘Tributaries of the Styx under Dublin’ (live) (Black Colcannon)

[[My Bloody Valentine]]: ‘Off your face’ (Glider EP)