Billy Splinters’ Heavy Heavy Sound No.2



[[Naked City]]: The Cage ([[Grand Guignol]])


Naked City: Bonehead ([[Torture Garden]])


[[Saxon]]: Heavy Metal Thunder (Strong Arm of the Law)


[[Venom]]: Welcome to Hell (Welcome to Hell)


[[Circle]]: Tulilintu (Tulikoira)


[[Thin Lizzy]]: Bad Reputation (Bad Reputation)


[[Goblin Cock]]: Stumped (Bagged and Boarded)


[[Cheap Trick]]: He’s a Whore (Cheap Trick)


[[King Crimson]]: The Great Deceiver ([[Starless and Bible Black]])


[[Yat-Kha]]: Solun Chaagai Sovet Churtum (Yenisei Punk)


[[ZZ Top]]: Cheap Sunglasses (Deguello)


[[Voivod]]: Inner Combustion (Nothingface)


[[Tyrannosaurus Rex]]: Elemental Child (A Beard of Stars)


[[Sabbat]]: How Have the Mighty Fallen (Dreamweaver)


[[Sleepytime Gorilla Museum]]: Helpless Corpses Enactmant (In Glorious Times)


Naked City: Gob of Spit (Torture Garden)