Whatever You’re Havin’ #41 – vive le rock

Electrified - Adam West
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Bad Reputation - The Dragons
Cold Sweat - Thin Lizzy
Rock It - Motorhead
Out of Control - The D4
Insatiable - The Dragons
Whoa Yeah - The Dragons
Gimme Some Luv - The Dragons
Under My Wheeels - Alice Cooper
Born to Raise Hell - Motorhead
On Her Satanic Majesty's Secret Service - Adam West
This Place Sucks - New Bomb Turks
You're Tripping - The Hard Ons
Crossroads - Zeke
Nervous Breakdown - Keith Morris & Rollins Band
Your Wife is Calling - Lee Ving & Foo Fighters
Shut You Down - Motorhead
Shine - Motorhead
Lost in the Ozone - Motorhead