Cultural Diabetes Number 3


Welcome to the third edition of Cultural Diabetes where we will be playing some of our favourite punk rock and related tunes from around the globe. Coming up on this edition we have….


The Authorities – Achtung!

Ratos De Porao – Morrer

Fleas and Lice – Free World

Icons of Filth – Ghetto of Disillusion

Gout – Let em Off

Ciunas – Life

Corrosive Machine – Black and Blue

Really Red – Teaching You the Fear

Lard – Drug Raid at 4AM

Naked Aggression – Killing Floor

Spermbirds – You’re Not a Punk

Charles Bronson – Your Average Run

NOFX – You put your Chocolate in my Peanut Butter

Anarcrust – They Try to Force me

Dwarves – Act Like You Know

Razor Bois – Count You Out

Circle Jerks – Leave me Alone

Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart

The Business – Real Enemy

Lip Cream – Kill Ugly Pop

Die Kreuzen – In School

Negative Approach – Dead Stop

Big Boys – Complete Control

Thanks again for the continued interest and support for the show. We can be contacted through the usual channels of anti-social media at…

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather

Cultural Diabetes
Playing music really like which consists of Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Anarcho-punk,Ska and Eclectic Hosted by Heather and B.A Any requests, suggestions welcome