Easy Snappin Trad Special with Lynched and John Bombs

This week’s show is a feast of Irish traditional music, Darragh and Radie from Lynched drop in to tell us about their upcoming album launch and their recent tour of America and myself and John Bombs play a selection of our favourite tunes. Enjoy and maybe see ye at the gig on Sunday… Wisht now!

  • Darragh and Radie- Easy Snappin theme
  • The Bothy Band- The Morning Star/The Fisherman’s Lilt, the Drunken Landlady
  • Paddy Keenan- The Blackbird/ An Lon Dubh
  • The Dubliners- Many Young men of Twenty
  • De Danann- Eighteen
  • The Horslips- Crabs in the Skillet
  • The Chieftains- Boil the Breakfast Early
  • Lynched- Lullaby
  • Clannad- Eleanor Plunkett
  • Danny and Aki- The Log Cabin/Seán sa Cheo/The Eel in the Sea
  • Frank Harte- Do Me Justice
  • Harry Bradley and Paul O Shaughnessy- Felix Dorans/The Five Mile Chase
  • Barry Gleeson – Sive
  • Thomas McCarthy- Once I did Love
  • Melodica Deathship- 1803
  • De Danann- The Log Cabin/Bean a’ Ti An Lar
  • Lynched- Daffodil Mulligan
  • The Horslips- Blitzkrieg Bop
  • Lynched- Cosmic Crusader

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