Freedom fry hi-fi : the edge of reality

this week more genre hopping entertainment from a somewhat hungover DJ all taken from rescued vinyl pressings, we’ve got hip jazz, merengue, soul, reggae, sitar folk and Punjabi hymns.










Brazil -Shirley scott

un poquito para atras – johnny ventura

hipadelphia – cannonball adderley quintet

man being stupid – s.e rogie

somethin’ else again – Richie havens

tilang m.5 – from the lp “Sikh hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib”

edge of reality – elvis Presley

go away from my world – Marianne faithfull

green power – little Richard

a fat boy can cry – billy stewart

express yourself – Byron lee and the dragonaires

the scott  – Shirley scott

loch Lomond – fats waller

go down moses – fats waller