freedom fry hi/fi: wow & flutter

 another fine hour of tunes taken from vinyl discs, somewhat all over the shop this week with a pile on new to me tunes going out to the good listeners

boo boo stick beat – chet atkins

foxfire –  blue aquarius

road march – brute force steel band

eso de guapo no vale aqui – luis “lija” Ortiz su tres y su sextete caravan

ragam tanam (conclusion) – T.Viswanathan

move members move – rosie hibler and family

nocturne – peter pears (tenor), Benjamin Britten (piano)

walk all over – owen gray

let him go – the wailers

nanny goat version – larry marshall and sound dimension

crazy feelings  – donna hightower

outer space – ken nordine

that’s how the yodel was born – Elton britt

disco drums – somers point stage band

blowing in the wind – the latin souls