freedom fy hi fi presents the always before us dawn chorus

in celebration of international dawn chorus day coming up on may 5th tonights show is a menagerie of melody dedicated to our avian friends

from peer gynt suite no.1 (grieg) “morning” – Portsmouth sinfonia

yellow bird – wesley thomas combo

wild birds –  simmonds scratch band

cock of the walk – count owen and his crafters

mocking bird yodel – carolina cotton

hello bluebird – jom miller & charlie farrell

shoot the owl – lee bedford jr and the big d ranch hands

listen the the mocking bird – wenatchee mountaineers

blue bird – charlie parker

robbins nest – jimmy mcgriff

sing swan song – can

guinea bird – moore town maroon

bird lost in a jungle – margret brill

the marsh hen – ward allen

peacock rag -arthur smith and his dixieliners

birdie – oscar jenkins & shag stanley

turkey buzzard – russ wilson

rockin’ robin – hasil adkins

hey!little hen! – chick henderson with the joe loss orchestra