Groove On The Wireless 235 – Spirit

Dr. Groove gets excited when he manages to get his record players working, and records a show which has much vinyl in it.   Low leads to Talk Talk and a song that can only be described as spiritual – from a solid non-believer, and so we went on to end with more inimitable minimalism from  Talk Talk.


  1. Low – Disarray
  2. Talk Talk – I believe in you
  3. One Dove – White Love (Guitar paradise mix)
  4. Richard Berry – Round Midnight -feat. Shuggie Ottis
  5. Stereo MC’s – What is soul Part 2
  6. Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose
  7. Martin Rev – Temptation
  8. Rollers / Sparkers – Stick Shift (Red Light)
  9. Porter Ricks – Redundance 1
  10. Talk Talk – Runeii

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