Lockout Podcast Episode 3 – Housing Then Now

The third episode of the 1913 Unfinished Business series on the centenary of the Lockout looks at the changes over the years to housing in the city, while addressing the lack of centrality housing plays in current political discourse.

We speak to historian Terry Fagan of the North Inner City Folklore Project about tenement life and the struggles which have taken place over the years to improve housing conditions in the area.

We look at Republican Socialist James Connolly’s writings on the topics of land, private property, landlordism and housing, which he saw as representing the essence of the ‘Irish question’.

We also talk to Stephen Rigney and Eoin O’Mahony, two geographers based in Maynooth, about their current Dereliction Project which maps disused buildings in the inner city.

From 1913 Lockout Podcast Series, released 21 May 2013
Contributors: Moira Murphy, Pádraig Madden, Barra Hamilton, Shane Fitzgerald and Miles Link.

Produced by: Thom McDermott and Moira Murphy.

Music by Lynched & Lawless.

Thanks to: Terry Fagan, Stephen Rigney and Eoin O’Mahony.