Soundmole : I Spin on Your Grave

An overstuffed Halloween set in celebration of the greatest holiday bar none, a spooky mix of soundtracks, psych, reggae and more to help the Halloween party…









curse of the demon titles

the witch – the rattles

season of the witch – Julie driscoll, brian auger and the trinity

mr.ghost comes to town – Bob Ross

ghost riders – carlos Malcolm

black bat – the upsetters

washed up and left for dead  (dub) – selector

night of the ghouls –  ed wood

séance – delia Derbyshire

coven in charring cross – coven

you must be a witch – lollipop shoppe

zinskaro -vocal ansambi gordela

nosferatu – hugh cornwell

hammer horror – kate bush

the antichrist/the light – ennio morricone

ghostbuster- prince pompodoo

barnabas Collins – lone ranger

panico en el transiberiano

Frankenstein – king horror

dunwich horror – les baxter

black angels – George crumb

psycho – eddie novacks

theme from black magic

porno holocaust – Nico Fidenco

mr.ghost comes to town – 5 Jones boys