Crackleton Manor – The Garden Party Mix!

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pic: Earl Hines – he’s featured more than once on this show, for no particular reason…

So, this week Sir Ernest Crackleton utters not one single word, because it’s a special mix that was intended for a backyard barbecue a couple of weeks ago, except the podcast wasn’t finished in time, because the keys to the Crackleton Manor music studio went astray, and the studio was inaccessible, but the barbecue still went smashingly, a good time was still had by all, despite the lack music.

Sir Ernest, luckily regained entry to the studio last night, and finished the mix – it’s a splendid selection of recordings from 1914-1950, except of course, for the snazzy intro theme song at the beginning… and if you think this is worth keeping available for future generations to enjoy, consider making a small donation to Radioactive International, or buy one of their wondrous garments, and be the absolute envy of all your friends and neighbors.


  • “No Need to Ask, coz it’s Crackleton Manor (theme)”
  • “Temperamental Rag” (excerpt) by Guido Deiro
  • “Tiger Rag” by Roy Smeck
  • “A Hora mit Tzibeles (A Dance with Onions)” by Naftule Brandwein
  • “Fair And Warmer” by The Louis Prima Orchestra
  • “Happy Go Lucky Lane” by Harold Arlen (vocal) with Arnold Johnson & His Paramount Hotel Orchestra
  • “Good-bye Old Paint” by Harry McClintock (recorded in Oakland, California)
  • “Skip to Ma Lou, My Darling” by Uncle Eck Dunford
  • “Klarinetten-Ländler” by Hans Blädel und seine Bauernkapelle
  • “In The Mood” by Oscar Alemán
  • “Fine And Dandy” by the Earl Hines Trio
  • “On The Sunny Side of the Street” by the Erroll Garner Trio
  • “Ghost Dance” by Truett & George
  • “Clementina” by Quintetto Scotti
  • “Yambolsko horo (Dance tune from Yambol)” by Korenyashkata Grupa Na Karlo
  • “Sometimes I’m Happy” by Erroll Garner
  • Aba Daba Honeymoon” by Collins & Harlan
  • “Twos & Fews” by Meade Lux Lewis & Albert Ammons
  • “Delicado” by Chinquinho do Accordeon
  • “Charleston Chuckles” by Zez Confrey Orchestra
  • “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” by Stuart Robertson
  • “The Old Swallow Reel” by Frank Quinn
  • “Gallagher’s (Jig)” by Padraig O’Keeffe
  • “The Blue Room” by Erroll Garner
  • “Night Life In Pompeii” by Earl Hines All Star Quartet (featuring Buck Clayton & Barney Bigard)
  • “The Memphis Blues (or Mr. Crump)” by Prince’s Band
  • “They’re Red Hot” by Robert Johnson
  • “Hallelujah” (alt. take) by Red Norvo and his Selected Sextet
  • “Gateando” by Perez Prado
  • “La Caravane” by Jean Visade (feat. Django Reinhardt – banjo)
  • Osu Oblanyo” by Yeboa’s Band (from Opika Pende)
  • “’Tain’t No Sin” by Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys
  • “Bambu Bambu” by Carmen Miranda
  • “Kikeriki-Galopp” by Erste Frankische Bauernkapelle
  • “Voice of the Turtle” by the Slam Stewart Quintet
  • “New John Henry” by Sonny Terry with Bull City Red
  • “Dura Dura (Glide Along)” by Orchestra Alex Mata
  • “Engancha Carretero” by Orquesta Romeu
  • “Get on Board, Li’l Children” by Shirley Temple
  • “Temperamental Rag” (excerpt) by Guido Deiro