The Sour Song Show no.1 Halloween Special


1. klingonz-fritenite

2. uk subs- i walked with a zombie

3. bauhaus-Of Lillies And Remains

4. roky erickson-night of the vampire

5. Al foul- i know i’m gona die tonight

6. alien sex fiend-i walk the line

7. bloodshot bill-hang’n me toight

8. Napoleon XIV- They’re Coming To Take Me Away

9. the cramps-voodoo idol

10. the fall- new face in hell

11. fats waller- the spider and the fly

12. GG allen- watch me kill

13. the very things- the bushes scream

14. the ghastly ones- diabolo’s theme

15. raymen- ghost memories

16. the frantics- werewolf

17. tuxedomoon- no tears