‘Splainin’ 59

Despite the image, this episode of ‘Splainin’ doesn’t have an Easter theme. But it does feature some great music!

Track List:
Nils Frahm – About Coming and Leaving
Androgyny – Strange Vision
Jungle – Keep Moving
Anna Fox Rochinski – Everybody’s Down
Lost Horizons feat. Karen Peris – This Is The Weather
Lost Horizons feat. Penelope Isles – Halcyon
Castlebeat feat. Sonia Gadhia – Telephone
Kali – I Just Wanna
Painted Shrines – Gone
Madi Diaz – New Person, Old Place
Woods – Where Do You Go When You Dream?
Psychic TV – Just Drifting
Tami T – So Afraid
Tallisker feat Quay Dash – Azadi

Background: Macroblank エコーチャンバーパーティー (Echo chamber party)