The Flabby Kerfuffle

A quick fix for a busy week. No voice. Just sounds. Two Tone Three will have to wait until next week.

  1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
  2. Che-Back – Faster
  3. CocoRosie – Houses
  4. DJ Krush – Ha-Doh
  5. Kokido – Sxjeo
  6. LV – Turn Away (Feat. Dandelion)
  7. Mathew Jonson – Marionette
  8. Pensamentos Brasileiros – Desalento
  9. Philip Glass – Etude II
  10. Razoof – Le Soleil
  11. Secrets of the Third Planet – Out of My Mind
  12. Nicolas Jaar – Keep Me There
Wasn't directly involved with RadioActive first time-round in Dublin, but have worked with many of the DJs on other stations over the years. Now living in The Basque Country, my show, The Shabby Shuffle will sometimes feature invited friends to bring along a few records and we'll chew the fat for an hour in English or Spanish.