This Garage Punk and Power Pop Show Totally Rocks 54 3rd October


This week’s show is all about the Garage Punk and the Power Pop.  Things kick off with a classic from the The Dickies before we stall it in Denton Texas for  Bad Sports, The Uptown Bums, The High Tension Wires, The Novice, Low Culture and The Fungi Girls. Next up it’s a home grown and brand new tune from   Squarehead and a not so new one from  So Cow. Things go pretty garage with   Oblivians, The Drags and Th Losin’ Streaks. At the half hour mark it’s a brand spanking new one from Ty Segall’s stoner wig out band  Fuzz which is followed by fuzzy stonkers from The Moonhearts, The Spits, Hunx and his Punx and Big Eyes.  Then it’s back to a few classic tunes from L7, X-Ray Spex and  The Modern Lovers. Near the end it’s another brand new Dirtnap release from  The Missing Monuments  before The Fall wrap things up.  There’s a few dedications sprinkled about and if you want me to play anything on the show or mention your gig, please contact me here.

Most of the links this week will steer you towards avenues in which to purchase music from these fine bands either digitally or by mail order.