This Show Totally Rocks 93 17th July


This week’s show was supposed to be a tribute to the late Tommy Ramone and all of the Ramones really so it starts off with The Ramones and some of their contemporaries; The Dictators,  New York Dolls and The Dead Boys.  But then the speed of the Ramones knocked me into a more 80’s hardcore vibe with The Mad, Kraut, Really Red, Misfits, The Angry Samoans, The Adolescents, The Descendents, 7 Seconds, Scream and Dag Nasty.  At the half hour mark the show returns to more of an homage to the sound of the Ramones with Mean Jeans, The White Wires, Bad Sports, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Circle Jerks, The Boys, The Dickies, The Steve Adamyk Band, The Hives and The Wax Museums. At the end The Stooges get a look in before an absolute classic from Taste finishes the show.

It may be a bit all over the place, but its all fast and most of it has some sort of pop appeal to it, so that’s The Ramones in a nutshell.

Turn it up, play it loud, RIP the original punk line-up.