This Show Totally Rocks 71 6th February


Hey Hey!!!  Since I am in Portland, probably shopping for records in Green Noise records as you listen to this,  I am going to go ahead and re-broadcast this show for the craic (and since I don’t have access to a mic or enough gargle at the moment while I sleep on the folk’s couch.)

This show originally went out in July 2013


Alright, it’s hot, so I’ve got some smoking tunes for ya and some lovely power pop for the balmy evenings we here in Dublin Rock City are all enjoying.  Firstup  its Canada’s finest, The Hanson Brothers then we slip over to Sweden for The Hives, The Vicious and Regulations.  A bit of Toy Dolls sneak in so Engerland gets in with another shout with Generation X.  The power pop kicks off with The Exploding Hearts before my electronic partner takes the controls while I run to the off license for some more inspiration.  What follows is a band by band playlist of the 11 bands playing the Dirtnap Records 14th Anniversary gig in September.  I won’t be making it so I’ll be missing Bad Sports, White Wires, Sonic Avenues, Mind Spiders, Low Culture, Mean Jeans, Guantanamo Baywatch, Youthbitch, Autistic Youth and the Marked Men.  Black Francis comes back from the dead (to me) with a brand new Pixies tune before Kim Deal’s Breeders remind us why us boys were so entranced by her voice as youngsters. The always politically incorrect Dwarves follow and then its a couple of odes to the heat to round things off.  First it’s Miami’s  The Eat and then the guilty pleasure that is early 90’s American Jock Funk Metal from Sweaty Nipples.   This live video is amazing.  I think I was there!!! You’ve got to love a slap and pop bass solo!!!!  I must have sun burnt my brain.  Stick this on and sunburn yours, it’s great craic!!!