Whatever You’re Havin’ #58 – Halifax is still burning

Son the Father – Fucked Up
Refund – Obits
Headache – Metz
I'm With You – Cold Warps
Summertime – Fat Stupids
I Hate Summer – Fucked Up
Don't Play Dumb – Outtacontroler
Graveyard Kid – Outtacontroler
I've Got Nothing – Quivers
Break Out The Make Out – The Maynards
Generation - Fucked Up
Turn the Season – Fucked Up
Been Away – The Reference Desk
End of Days – Dyscontrol
Endless Bummer – Cold Warps
Rocket to Nowhere – Fat Stupids
I Gave Up on Weezer – Outtacontroler
Suez Canal – Obits
Back and Forth – Obits
Kick You in the Stomach – Quivers
Crusades – Fucked Up
See links below for HPX on youtube, and see show 53 for more Haligonian pop punk.
FUCKED UP @ HPX13 on youtube
METZ @ HPX13 on youtube
OBITS @ HPX13 on youtube