Whatever You’re Havin’ #96 – the good things

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Mary – Graham Day & the Forefathers

Melanie – The Prisoners

Mourn My Health – Len Price 3

You Want Blood – Graham Day & the Forefathers

I am the Fisherman – Graham Day & the Forefathers

What it is to be Fifteen – Graham Day & the Gaolers

Revenge – The Prime Movers

Coming Home – The Prisoners

The Good ThingsGraham Day & the Forefathers

Reminisce – Olivia Jean

Is it Enough – Hi Beats Lo

Scene of the Crime – Mo Kenney

The War – Bob Mould

The Right to Arm Bears – Paul Westerberg

Summer 720 – Bored Spies

Seamless – In Motion

Dalliance – The Wedding Present

Metal Men (French version) – The Wedding Present

I’m From Further North Than You – The Wedding Present