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    Easy Snappin’ 75- We Can Do Anything

    This week’s show contains foul language (as always) and adult themes

    The cover pic is flamenco madman Tomasito live in Madrid a few weekends ago

    • Christ Crucified- Christ Crucified
    • The Bionic Rats- Keyboard Warriors
    • The Cockney Rejects- We Can Do Anything
    • Interview with Jeff  ‘Stinky’ Turner
    • The Postmen-Have a Cigar
    • The Outfit- Dangerous Times
    • Hazel Hogan- Cyclone
    • Boss Sound Manifesto- Nosey Street
    • Barry Gleeson (live in Cobblestone)- Invisibility
    • Johnny Rua/John Spillane- Brian Boru
    • Thomas McCarthy- Myself and Herself
    • Hazel Hogan- Poem
    • Fermin Muguruza – Azoka Eguna (feat. Toots)
    • Tomasito- Back in Black
    • Rats Blood- Locked Out

    If you enjoy the show let me know or if you’d like to send me abuse feel free, if there’s any events you want mentioned or you’d like a song played for your mates get in touch!  easysnappin@yahoo.ie

    Catch the show on twitter @Easysnappin1 Check out the facebook page here



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