‘Splainin’ 28


I’ve had several people this week assume that I am a Halloween person. As a kid, I was surely, but in retrospect I think it’s because it is my mother’s favourite holiday and her enthusiasm clearly rubbed off on me. Also, she made me the coolest homemade costumes. But as an adult, I’m sort of lukewarm on the whole thing. This year, at least we have the music.

Track list:
It’s Halloween by the Shaggs
Phantom Saloon & Sugar pusher by Dan Blakeslee
Halloween by Japan

Halloween by Chris Garneau
Hammer Horror by Kate Bush
Halloween by Alice Donut
Ghost by Neutral Milk Hotel

Ghost Wiring by Neko Case
Your Ghost by Kristin Hersh
There’s a Ghost in my House by The Fall
Werewolf by Cat Power

Sheela Na Gig by PJ Harvey
Zombie Dance by The Cramps
Trick or Treat by Peaches
I’m a Vampire by Future Bible Heroes
Back Woods Witch Doctor by Dan Blakeslee