‘Splainin’ 32


After the hard work but ultimately very fulfilling experience of feeding a whole heap of people for Thanksgiving, I’ve spent the day relaxing and eating yet more food and deciding which songs to throw at you. The past couple of days have been so touching, as Thanksgiving should be when taken at face value as a day to express gratitude and love for people and circumstances in your life. I do feel like instances of hard work, love, giving, openness, smart choices, privilege, and a heap of luck have led me to this place of joy where I find myself, unexpectedly, in life. And to have a day where I can do something nice for people — to feed them and spend time with them — that is actually just the most amazing thing. Ok OK – I will stop being sentimental! (No I won’t!) Happy Thanksgiving to my family family and to my chosen family. All of you inspire me.

Track list:
The Avalanches – Because I’m Me
Enemies – Leaves
Human League – Open Your Heart
Izzy True – Sex Ghost

Juniore – Mon Autre
Sex Stains – Land of La LA
Pat Benetar – We Live for Love
So Pitted – Woe

Big Star – Thank You Friends
The Hollies – The Air That I Breathe
Kindling – Black Eye
Odetta Hartman – Dreamcatchers

Lou Barlow – The Breeze
Waxahatchee – Grass Stain
Mountain Goats – The Window Song
Lucia Pamela – Hap Hap Happy Heart

background music: Dntel – Life is Full of Possibilities