‘Splainin’ 33


It’s here! ‘Splainin’ 33!

I suppose next week I’ll do something a little more ‘festive’, but for now here are some tunes…

Track List:
Het Zes de Metaal – Achter Zoveel Jaar
Haley Bonar – Eat for Free
Julia Holter – Don’t Make Me Over
Edith Frost – Just A Friend

Rozi Plain – Actually
Cate le Bon – Are You With Me Now?
Steve Mason – A Lot of Love
Fleetwood Mac – Songbird

Asher Wynne – All of a Sudden in the Sunshine
Adult Mom – Ode to One Night Stands
Cansei de Ser Sexy – This Month, Day 10
Laura Groves – Dream Story

Mutual Benefit – Golden Wake
Fix My Life – Melt Yourself Down
Sean Rowe – To Leave Something Behind

background music: Peals – Belle Air