‘Splainin’ 35

This show is the least Christmassy thing that ever was! Yayyyyy! I’m pretty sure this show captures my week. It featured a lot of vomit, blood, sweat, and actually, there were no tears. Well, unless you count that really sad film I watched yesterday. In which case, there were tears! I literally thought I was watching a cheesy romantic comedy and it turned out to be a dramatic film about death. Yayyyyy!

So here are some songs. They aren’t for the faint of heart. But they are the perfect antidote to all this jingle bell crap!

Track list:
Magazine – Shot by Both Sides
X – I Don’t Wanna Go Out
The Meltaways – Home
Nine of Swords – Two Step ii & Watch

Revocation – Dismantle the Dictator
Unsane – Breathing Out
Slug – Streetsweeper
Tanya Taguq – Uja
Nina Hagen – Antiworld

Angels of Light & Akron/Family – Future Myth
Joey Purp – 773 Freestyle Instrumental (With Hook)
A Tribe Called Red – The Virus Ft. Saul Williams Chippewa Travellers
MC Carol – 100 Feminista

Background: Worried About Satan – Blank Tape