‘Splainin’ 43

So we celebrated a holiday! Well, maybe you did. I actually didn’t. But it’s a strange day to commemorate a guy who wasn’t actually Irish and everyone tries to express what Irishness means with varying success of accuracy. I always resented St. Patrick’s Day because it took the attention away from the best day of the year: my birthday! I probably should have played songs about birthdays instead, but I didn’t think of it. Then again, I didn’t play songs about St. Patrick either.

Track list:
AE Man – I can feel it in my bones
Fraidycat – Fortune cookies
Operator Music Band – Koma
Sharkmuffin – Space Glow

C Average – Buckler
Flouride – Due process
Orchid – Capricorn
Can – I’m so green

Devora Clemens – Animals in the zoo
Girlpool – 123
US Girls – New age thriller
Hand Habits – Demand it
My Cat is an Alien – The anti-gravitational sense of nothingness

Magazine – Parade
Asobi Seksu – Exotic animal parade