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  • This Death and Protest Show Totally Rocks


    This week’s show is a mix of Death and Protest. People from our extended musical community have passed away in both peaceful and violent circumstances and people from our extended musical community have refused to be scared and have instead insisted on doing what they believe in.

    Things kick off with Protest in the form of Stiff Little Fingers who went ahead with their Paris gigs in spite of what happened last week.

    We stay in the North for bands that played there even when it was often quite scary – The Undertones and Taste (plus a Moutpiece cover of Taste because I was feeling a bit cheeky).  Then it’s back to a bit of protest with The MC5.

    There were more passings in the punk rock community this week including the early death of Philthy Animal Taylor of Motorhead, so there is a bit of that and a bit of HawkwindMitch Mitchell, drummer of the Jimi Hendrix Experience also died this week after playing a gig in Portland, so he get’s a bit of play as well. (Edit:  Mitch Mitchell actually died during this week back in 2008)

    At the halfway mark it’s a Desert Rock set in honour of the tragedies in Paris with some Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.

    Then we head down to Croatia, no strangers to war and strife,  for some Frontalni Udar and Tito’s Bojs.

    Wrapping things up it’s a bit of Female Hercules to mark a passing, Neil Young to mark a protest and Jeff the Brotherhood just because.

    Tune in, Rock out, keep going to gigs.

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