Avant Reguards Reactive Radio Show 3 * Infinity tech slave prisoner to the freedom theory

this show was first broadcast on november 5th, 2012. this is a repeat show for avant reguard. He didnt find the necessary time to complete a brand new original narrowgramcast.

enjoy this repeat and AvanT Reguard wlll endeavour tutu acheive a fresh show shortly please god.

Show 3  * Infinity tech slave prisoner to the freedom theory

avant reguard chops and cuts and layers and loops and blends “political and satirical cut up audio collage”, fused with experimental music and esoteric soundscapes. Theres some focus on Berlin based musicians and A.R interviews his own computer.



Playlist: – Infinity Tech Slave Prisoner to The Freedom Theory


1234-ramones cut up/

soundtrack to Paolo and Vittorio Tavianis film –  I sovversivi (The Subversives, 1967)/

Avant Reguard – terms and conditions apply – disintegration loop cut up

Avant Reguard introduces the plan for the show

The advocate – deviant +mixed with Dok Gregory – stylophone experiments +mixed with George Galloway on rte radio speaking about colonialism comparisons between iraq and ireland +mixed with Avant reguard boyzone tape to tape cut up +mixed with northern irish radio jimmy saville cut up

Avant reguard tape to tape cut up shut up – abstinence(echo mix)

Avant Reguard recites bad self penned strassen poetry +mixed with Else Marie Pade – Face it – +mixed with Avant Reguard cut-up i dont like insurance people +mixed with A Reguard Boyzone sample +mixed with Negativland – I am God +mixed with Jerky BOys vol.2 – hUrt at work +mixed with Avant REguard sampling himself saying – GOd+Please God+ PG tips +mixed with avant reguard cut up – snob +mixed with Avant REguard sample – Music Is A Joke

Vinyl Horror and Terror – Did she mention my name?

Avant Reguard speaks about Vinyl Horror and Terror

Bingo Gazingo and my robot friend – Out of the Computer

Avant Reguard interviews his own computer – Dorotha

T.C – Tibetan Lift off  +mixed with EC Prophet – dedication to the tackling of the beast and the dragon – the momentum of rock and roll

Avant Reguard white van man george michael cut up

Crash Ambience Section

Le Knight Club – Palm Beat +mixed with Black to Comm – The Male Garden +mixed with Aphex Twin * Lichen +mixed with Avant Reguard *  sampling boats parked in Venice +mixed with Chares Bukowski * Try some shit, do some anger +mixed with Susumu Yokota * Sakura +mixed with Tom Recchion * A complex shape in the sky +mixed with Colleen* Sun against my Eyes +mixed with Noisiv * From Underground

Avant Reguard talks about Noisiv and the show in general and forewarns what will happen to end of show. Raymond Scott plays in the background And Q burns abstract message. he says goodnight to a captive audience please god.

Head versus Wall * Too drunk to fuck +mixed with sample of ass spank porn sound.

Claudine Chirac * Alle meine Entelein

1234-ramones cut up

Chris MArker Sample – Sans Soleil – “I’ve been around the world several times and now only banality still interests me”

End of show three