Cultural Diabetes Number 19

Welcome to Cultural Diabetes number 19, damaging your ears this week we have…


Weekend Nachos – Reason to die

The Sexual – War cry

Capitalist Casualties – Corporate retreat

Civil Dissident – First blood

Chaotic Youth – Whose bomb

Geriatric Unit – No solution

Aktivna Propaganda – State enemy

Warcollapse – T.H.C

Collusion – I’m done

Wormrot – Principle of puppet warfare

Inner Terrestrials – 1066

Aggressors B.C – Hope

The Restarts – Boozin’

Flaccid – Concrete

Vagrants – Rented cell

Disorder – Bullshit everyone

Active Minds – Recipe for disaster

Limp Wrist -Angry Queen

The Dicks – Kill from the heart

Limp Wrist – Rainbows

Big Boys – Act reaction


Enjoy! – BA and Heather





Cultural Diabetes
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