Freedom fry hi fi: A draw before you go

A mix of musique du monde, Pakistan, Nigeria,Yemen, Scotland,Bulgaria,Burma,Belize,Israel and more

“sorath” folk tune in sindhi ragni – Iqbal Jogi and party

egan mi ko ye mi – c.a.balogun and his abalabi group

ne bah ah son (harp) – unknown

chamona and ufari on chang and doira

doira and tambur improvisation

raee al-gamel – ahmed al soneedar

perfumed forest part 1 & 2 – yadana myit

the plains of normandy (slow air)/the smith’s old wife (jig)/a draw before you go (jig) – pipe major john a.maclellan,mbe

banjo breakdown;unnamed;glendural highlands – pipe major james maccoll

svatbarska melodia gaida – jelo dimitrov

bright and morning star – walter and lola caldwell

End of the tarhib – song and dance at a meeting of the dervishes