freedom fry hi/fi: long players

 another hour of tunes all taken from salvaged and sometimes savaged vinyl records, this episode feat.  Jazz, psych and heavy Indian numbers.





peepin’ – Lou Donaldson

…and don’t you forget it – Hubert Laws

tete and barbs in my mind – Dudu Pukwana

instrumental – from Taiwanese Lp (union mcm-1005)

instrumental  – from Taiwanese Lp (union mcm- 1005)

title in Korean -yang hee un

title in Korean – san ul lim

may I light your cigarette – Beacon Street Union

Just my soul responding – Smokey Robinson

variation on the theme to Pathar Panchali – Ravi Shankar

night is my friend – Molly Drake

lalat “ghatan lagi rain” (teental) – Kesarbai Kerkar

shree part 2 – dattatreya Vishnu paluskar

suha sughrai: tumare milanko – nivruttiboa sarnaik


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