Groove On The Wireless #43 PotsN’Pans

Doctor Groove is joined by his mother – who gives it to us straight, as is her style, on the decline of Hip Hop.  We commence with Bill Burroughs with what happens to those who kick down the doors.  A great voice who once when asked to describe art said ‘It’s a three letter word beginning with the letter A” but here he gets into it a little bit more.  Food for thought and then on with the good music.

We start with Idir & Manu Chao – which brings the roots to Chao’s song “Denia”.  From there we are off looking for beautiful sounds and find them – we start with a beauty from BOC, complete Melodiesinfonie’s J A $ $ odyssey [parts 1 – 4], and have some instrumental from two new heads A Sol Melchanic, and Lorn.  Then we go to Africa, Nigeria then over to Ghana and back to Detroit.

Finally there’s a going out tune from Blondes, and then we get into whatever happened to Hip Hop with Ty saying that he’s going to like those new kings on the block, like them, never.


Track List

  • Idir & Manu Chao – Identités A Tulawin (Une Algérienne debout)
  • Board of Canada – Telepath
  • A Sol Mechanic – 1992  – (Album for download here)
  • Melodiesinfonie – J A $ $ Pt. 4 – on soundcloud
  • Lorn -N – from Self Confidence 3 – Free download mixtape
  • Mono Mono – (Nigeria Special_ 1970-1976)Ema Kowa Iasa Ile Wa
  • Marijata – No Condition Is Permanent
  • Honey Cone –  Ace In The Hole from album [Backbeats Bustin’ Out (Ghetto Grooves From Dusty Cellars)]
  • Blondes – Bora Bora
  • Moderat – Bad Kingdom
  • Ty – Like You Never

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