Groove On The Wireless # 51 Red (&Black) Wing

This week it was all about ‘rescuing’ aryan children from their parents.  Wow! What is this place getting like, 1930’s Berlin?


Music wise Doctor Groove cannot believe he got to show 51 before introducing you to the wonderful sound of CAN.  Here they commence our journey with the sound taken from them at the very start of their journey with the incomparable Malcolm Moody (artist / sculpture) who disappeared away back to the states in 1970 and ended up as a lecturer in some University in Canada.  CAN are really 1.01 for great music, the foundation course.

We go on into subtle sweet sounds from George Maple and end up with a boogie waltz, but watch out for Red Wing by Fuck buttons.  I loved those guys when I saw them in a field on a cold night this June.


Track List

  • CAN – Little Star of Bethlehem
  • George Maple – OPST
  • Machinedrum – Center Your Love
  • Luke Slater – Look at the Stars
  • Close – My Way feat. Joe Dukie (Original Mix)
  • Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing
  • Weather Report – Boogie Woogie Waltz



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