Groove On The Wireless #46 illusion


The Doctor returns from attempts to land a gig in Lisbon by leaving his details at the op Art club down by the statute of Hezu.  We’ll let you know how this worked out for him.  Upon our return we noticed the distinct coldness moving in, along with rain and seasons change.     One old gent in Portugal joked with me that both our countries were broke, but you have the weather to be broke in.

Classical to classical – and in between much good music.


Track List

  • Philip Glass – Violin Concerto II
  • Synkro – Recognition
  • James Welsh – The Way
  • Meet My Phantoms – Cobre
  • Howlin’ Wolf – You Gonna Wreck My Life
  • Theo Parrish – Flip the Funk Out (feat. the Rotation Assembly)
  • Lightning Rod – Sport
  • Swindle – If I was your superhero
  • Imagination – Just an Illusion (Original Mix 1982)
  • Giorgio Moroder – Liebres-Arie (Love Song)
  • Factory Floor – Turn it up
  • Maxence Cyrin – Smokebelch II (Sabres Of Paradise)