Rebel Radio #4

Loved Up Special!!!


Guttersnipe – I Hate You And You Hate Me

The Adicts – Love Sucks

Vice Squad – Latex Love

Sick On The Bus – Need Your Love

Road Rage – Matrimony

Crashed Out – Tattooed Lady

UK Subs – Tomorrows Girls

Blood Or Whiskey – Deathwatch

Evil Conduct – My Skinhead Girl

Bonecrusher – Hell, Ive Already Been There

The Business – Mean Girl

English Dogs – Left Me For Dead

The Casualties – Punk Rock Love

Major Accident – Better Off Without You

Cock Sparrer – Last Orders

Lower Class Brats – See You Go

Dayglo Abortions – Used To Be In Love

Toy Dolls – My Baby Is A Battle Axe

The Dickies – She Loves Me Not

The Oppressed – Skinhead Girl

The Warriors – South London Girl

Satans Rats – You Make Me Sick

Serious Drinking – Love On The Terraces

Paul Carter – Dont Fall In Love