Crap on the radio 18

A rerun show tonight  as I’ve been spending too much time on the next generation radio, this is a Raspberry Pi, a $35 cassette sized computer that can broadcast on bands from shortwave up to vhf(fm), it can act as a wifi hotspot and run it own web server and shoutcast server. The size and low cost is what makes this device so interesting, it can be placed anywhere and uses little power, with a 32 Gb memory it can serve months of radio programs via on demand from a built in  web server or via live stream, and it doesn’t even need the internet, it works totally stand alone so it can fill in blackspots where there is no connectivity and become the only connection. Keeping it updated is as simple as driving by and uploading the latest programs.


  • Can’t Cheat Karma – Zounds
  • Smash the discos – The Business
  • 78RPM – Stiff Little Fingers
  • Modern Girl – The Boomtown Rats
  • 12XU – Wire
  • When the Bomb Drops / No Government – Anti Pasti
  • When the Bomb Drops – The Subhumans
  • I wanna be a cosmonaut – Riff Raff(Billy Bragg)
  • In the City – The Jam
  • Public Image – PIL
  • Youth Against Fascism – Sonic Youth
  • Die Matrosen – Liliput
  • Senceless working overtime – XTC
  • Police Oppression – Angelic Upstarts
  • Harry May – The Business
  • Don’t just sit there – The Crack
  • Sonic Reducer – Dead Boys
  • Help Save The Youth Of America – Billy Bragg
  • America – Au Pairs
  • Wrong Way – The Undertones
Crap on the Radio
Oh flip oh gosh oh golly gee We really shocked the local rock disc jock Oh crumbs oh boy oh sugar me The poor bloke nearly went right off his block We only told him what we did and didn't like And then we used that word and he jumped on the mike You can't say that on the radio You can't say that on the radio yes we all do it but you can't refer to it You can't say that on the radio