‘Splainin’ 49

Here we are with some more music! I didn’t put these songs in any particular order but I think it really works.

Track list:
Wilma Archer – Curves and Wounds
US Girls – Rosebud
Beirut – Perth
The Du Rites ft Chuck Freeze & Waterbed Kev – Shorty
Diamanda Galas – Let my people go
Jean-Michel Blais – Igloo
MorMor – Heaven’s only wishful
Renata Zeiguer – Follow me down
Tennis – In the morning I’ll be better
Doja Cat – Go to town
10LEC6 – Quakerz
Beauty Sleep – The feeling back
Ryan Pollie – Blackout
Seinabo Sey – I owe you nothing
Yonaton Gag ft. Eastern medicine singers – Medicine
Milk Carton Kids – One more for the road