This Show Rocks 100 11th September


This week’s show kicks off with a brand new one from the Dwarves, then its on to The Didjits, Bob Burns and the Breakups and Psyched to Die.  Next are a few inspired by my recent addiction to music and skateboard documentaries so it’s a couple from The Gits (Doc here) and one from Duane Peters’ band Die Hunns.  Then it’s on to DOA, The Dead Kennedys, The Dead Boys, a newly bandcamped one from Bambi and a bit of Drive Like Jehu in honour of their recent reunion-ish gig.  I found a bunch of old pics from various Moutpiece tours which inspired me to play Nobby and the Impregnators, Fleas and Lice and an un-released track from Moutpiece.  On the home stretch it’s The Shitty Limits, The Regulations, Gluecifer, Fleshies, Melt Banana, Fu Manchu and of course a bit of Motorhead

Tune in, turn on, rock out.