This Show TOTALLY Rocks 59 7th November


This week’s show kicks off with a song which sums up the show’s ethos –Faster and Louder – from The Dictators.  Next it’s a quick fire blast of short sharp punk tunes from Tongan Death Grip (free download), The Night Birds, 7 Seconds, Autistic Youth and Defect Defect.  In the now prolonged run up to the new Radioactivity album we’ve got another one from Jeff Burke’s cannon with some Potential Johns which kicks us into a slew of garage punky numbers from Bass Drum of Death, The Carbonas, Test Patterns and Henry Fiat’s Open Sore.  A bit of a guitar rock interlude comes next with Jeff the Brotherhood.  Classic Irish band The Idiots follow and then its on to some choppy choppy from The Ex and Jay Reatard.  Next up it’s a couple of covers.  First Rapeman covers ZZ Top then The Estranged cover The Flys.  After fielding a number of questions recently about Portlandia I decided to play the show’s co-creator’s old band Sleater-Kinney.  Nearing the end it’s Hazel and The Bad Sports.  Last up it’s a total guilty pleasure as I had a bit of a guilty pleasure youtube session with a couple of Radioactive heads at the weekend.  So for the lads it’s a bit of The Jimi Hendrix Experience!  Turn it up, play it faster, louder!!!