This Show Totally Rocks 79 3rd March

Tonight’s show kicks off as too many shows have already kicked off in 2014, with a song from a recently deceased punk rocker.  Tonight it is Dave Gregg’s DOA.  Next it’s the Night Birds, Tongan Death Grip, Sonido Alfredo and The SpitsNirvana are next owing to their scandalous induction to the Hall of Fame and the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death and then its on to together Pangea, Bass Drum of Death, The High Tension Wires, Radioactivity, The Bad Sports and the Kids.  A few classics follow with PIL, Adam and the Ants and David Bowie and then its on to Jay Reatard,So Cow, Matt K Shrugg, NoMeansNo, Gout, Hunx and his Punx and finally a bit of Nazz

Tune in, turn on, rock out.