Whatever You’re Havin’ #19 – had enough of laziness and ennui?

Girlfriend - Slim Dunlap
Before They Make Me Run - Steve Earle and Supersuckers
Sequestered in Memphis - The Hold Steady
Ode to a Black Man - The Dirtbombs
Intellectual Baby - Lazy Cowgirls
Chip Away at the Stone - New Bomb Turks
It's Gotta Be About Me - Jim Jones Review
Some kind of Kick - The Things
Sabbatical - Fuck Mountain
I Wish I Was Lonely - The #1s
He's Too Good for Everyone Else, But He's Not Good Enough for You - The #1s
One Way Conversation - the objectorZ
Positive Frame of Mind - Moutpiece
September's New Mound - Large Mound
If You Want Something Done - Like There's No Tomorrow
Untitled - The Kabinboy
Hym (Justin Broadrick remix) - Isis