This Tob Totally Rocks 52 19th September


For this week’s show I got none other than Tob from Wizards of Firetop Mountain and Realistic Train in for a bit of guest DJ-idge and he brought some great tunes along.  Things kick off with a track we both picked to play before we had even sat down – GOD.  Things stay in Australia for The Powder Monkeys before young HMD gets his first dedication of the evening with a bit of The Heads.  Tob picked a fairly angry sounding one from High on Fire and then it’s The KABINBOY, peligro!  and a stone cold classic from The Stooges.  Its stays pretty rocky with some Drunk Horse, a smidgeon of Jeff the Brotherhood and a helping of Saviours.  HMD gets another dedication with a band that played in Dublin this week – Soundgarden and then it’s on to great rock tunes from Budgie, Blue Cheer and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.  Last up it’s a band featuring someone who both Tob and I play in bands with and has more energy than half of Eastern Europe –LIVE FAST DIE.  It was a fun show to do partly because the length of the tunes encouraged copious craft beer consumption and all of the scandalous banter went on when the mic was off.  Fair play to Tob, the man knows the rock.