Whatever You’re Havin’ #4

Are You Ready? - Rollins Band
Hate Machine - Electric Frankenstein
Soulseller - The Hellacopters
Get the Horn - Gluecifer
Fly the Orient - Tricky Woo
House of Cards - The Nomads
Jump Your Bones - The Laundrettes
Water Park - Royal Trux
The Scum Lives On - Demolition 23
Vicious and Loathes - Drunk Horse
Livin' on the Outside - B-Movie Rats
One Night Stand - The Weaklings
Throwing Stones - Imperial State Electric
Rock 'N' Roll RIP - The Hydromatics
Swagger - Adam West
Rocket in My Veins - Electric Frankenstein
Insatiable - The Dragons
Waste It - Rocket From The Crypt
She Destroyer - RC5
Set it on Fire - El Diabolo
Bombed - Backyard babies
Thunder and Lightning - Gluecifer