Whatever You’re Havin’ #46 – no, you really had to be there, Irish indie 1990′s

Slow - The Idiots
Little Meaner - Pet Lamb
Mine - Flexihead
Meat Abstract - Therapy?
Your Fantasy - Jam Jar Jail
Is This thing On? - Jackbeast
Alfred Hitch Hiker - Crossbreed
Out of Place - Wormhole
Homeward - Capratone
Songs - Amusement
Chicken Lightning - Luggage
Diana the Moon - Mexican Pets
Chips - Rumble
Money - Pincher Martin
Painkiller - Female Hercules
Deadly Goer - Pet Lamb

The Stars Are Underground - Low budget documentary film in the tradition of 
John T. Davis' "Shell Shock Rock" about Dublin DIY/Hardcore scene, released 1996. 
Produced and Directed by Daragh McCarthy
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