Cultural Diabetes Number 7 – International Women’s Day


Seeing as today is International Women’s Day, we’re going to ┬áplay songs by bands with female members. Coming up on this weeks show we have….


Fleas and Lice – Scum

Nu Pogodi – The brutal depth of obscenity

Hagar the Womb – Idolization

Mind of Asian – Night without a noise

Okus – Burn it to the ground

Manhunt – Moral law

Gaze – Fuck you, fuck off

Anarcrust – Pushed

Rubella Ballet – A dream of honey

Honey Bane – Boring Conversations

Crass – Bloody revolutions

Fag Enablerz – Neptune in retrograde

Freebooters – Stormfront in a teacup

F.U.A.L. – Dead clergymen / Soft drinks

Naked Aggression – Drivin’ down the road

Laughing Hyenas – Desolate son

No Trend w/Lydia Lunch – The curse

Pink Turds in Space – Walls cornetto


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Happy International Women’s Day!

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather